In order to ensure the provision of on-time delivery and quality of bakery items, we accept only those orders that are possible to process according to the requirements of the customers and in the time allowed. In this regard, we may decline certain orders. Moreover, we also spend lots of time in understanding customers’ orders. This involves working with customers on tasting, designing, researching, matching cake design with venue and ordering materials for the cake. For these reasons, it is not possible for us to refund any money that customers have deposited at any time. We thank you for your understanding.

In many instances, for customized orders, we have to make decorative elements beforehand. Generally, these decorative items are made at least 3 days before the order so that these items can have proper drying and setting time. In this regard, the refund is not provided for customized cakes as our employees have spent a lot of time and effort to design the best possible cake for you. However, if the design of the cake does not match your requirements, you may contact the Red Ribbon customer service and state your issue so necessary actions can be taken.

Payment is made through Cash or Card on Delivery, however, if you wish to cancel the order of the cake, a request needs to be made at least 10 hours prior to the delivery.

If a customer cancels an order, within 6 hours of the actual delivery of the order, the request may not be approved, and the customer would be obligated to pay for the cake. There is no exception to this policy and we sincerely apologize you for this. You can still collect your processed order on the promised time and date of delivery.

If because of any reason, customer requests a reschedule of an order, then we will handle this on a case-to-case basis. However, such requests are required to be given at least 24 hours before actual delivery. We try our best to accommodate such request, yet it is always depending on the availability of resources and our schedule so there is no guarantee that we will be able to meet the deadline that you award us. A reschedule may require the customer to help us in accommodating the customers’ requests.